FIR at your door step (Sodhana)

FIR at your door step (Sodhana)

FIR at Door step

There are some vulnerable sections like women, children and senior citizens who are unable to go up to the Police Stations due to various reasons. There are also instances like accidents when the Complainant is not in a position to go to the PS to lodge a complaint. As such, with a view to eliminate the general complaint that police delay registration of FIRs and are reluctant to issue FIRs, a new system namely FIR AT YOUR DOOR STEP was launched in Vijayawada City on 21-10-2014. Under this system, a mobile team of Officers will visit the scene of offence and issue FIRs and handover the copy of the same to the complainant and investigate the case without any delay. This system has now become popular in the City.

Three such mobiles are equipped with Laptop, UPS, Printer, Scanner and Internet – one for each Zone. Better trained personnel – one HC/ASI and one PC man them round the clock in 3 shifts. All investigative tools like Still Camera, Video Camera, scene of crime Isolation Tape, IO’s Kit are made available in each vehicle. During the year 2014, 352 FIRs, 2015, 3,006 FIRs and 2016, 1,131 FIRs were registered under Sodhana Mobile.

In addition to being very convenient to the Complainants, immediate launching of investigation preserves the scene and memory of witnesses drawing SOC sketch, videography and photography also are completed immediately.