The Operational Command and Control Room set up at AR Grounds, Vijayawada City is a naïve and first of its kind in South India.    The set up is based on technologically advanced concepts of observing the city through CCTV cameras at all vital points in the City, which are interlinked to this Control Room.  The observations will help us to take spontaneous and scrupulous action on the spot.

During Pushkarams, this Operational Command and Control was set up to monitor the situation at the pushkar ghats in Kurnool, Guntur and Krishna districts online. The closed circuit televisions (CCTVs) and drones operating in Krishna and Guntur districts were connected to the Command and Control. Besides, these, Police monitored public places, bus and railway stations round the clock from the Command and Control to assess the pilgrim movement. The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh praised the police for setting up the Operational Command and Control (OCC) integrating the intelligence services, which is for the first of its kind in the State.

32 systems, 15 screens
As many as 32 systems and 16 screens have been installed in the OCC and a special hall has been arranged from where the VVIPs and police officials can monitor security, traffic, VIP movement, sanitation, pilgrim rush, criminals at the ghats and talk to the staff who are on duty and alert them, he said.
Monitoring from this point, Police can conduct scientific study on crowd management and control, disaster prevention and management, facial recognition, identify targets and threat to VIPs, video analytics, crime control, areas that required attention and take decisions on the spot.
The CCTV and drone videos can be used for study in the religious events, jataras and festival for better management.