Traffic Initiatives

Traffic Initiatives

 E-Challan system was introduced in Vijayawada City from 2010 onwards. There is no proper mechanism to check the payment of E-Challans etc. 5.2 lakhs E-Challans pertaining to 4.2 lakhs vehicles are pending payment. Due to lack of follow up, it lasts its deterrence capacity. To overcome this problem, Multipurpose PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) machines were procured and given to all Officers of and above the rank of SI, Traffic Police.

The software program was developed with the help of local developers. The software was designed so that once a DL or vehicle number is entered, it will check the following details:

  • Driving License Details: a)Once a number is entered, it will give all the DL details. With that, we can check whether the license is fake or original.b) the registration details can be checked to know the owner, type, make model and color of vehicle to see if the number plate is genuine or fake.c) The vehicle number will be checked with the stolen data of vehicles and if it matches, it will give an alert to checking officer.d) The pending E-Challans on the vehicle can be obtained. After the vehicle owner’s cell number is entered, an SMS will be sent alerting him about pending E-Challans and asking him to clear the dues. An E-Notice is printed giving details of pending E-Challans and acknowledgement taken. If not cleared in 15 days and caught again, the vehicle is detained.
  • Also the manual writing of VCR was eliminated and a electronic vehicle check report (e-VCR) can be printed once a violation is entered viz., absence of DL; absence of RC; absence of Insurance etc. The machines are being used in drunken drive checking also.
  • The payment of e-Challans is now integrated with Mee-Seva centers in addition to AP Online so as to enable the citizens to pay without inconvenience.
  • Negotiations are on with SBI/ICICI Bank to give payment gateway facilities to Credit/Debit card holders and online payments through bank accounts.
  • The system totally eliminated handling of cash by the Traffic Police Officers and SMS alerts to the owners ensure transparency/prevention of corruption.
  • The same system tracks the vehicle from detention on the road to release from the dump yard.
  • Metrics are generated on which officer checked how many vehicles at which place at what time etc.
  • The PDAs have a printer, FP Device, Camera (2 MPxl), Smart Card reader, Credit/Debit card Swiper all in-built and is Adhar Complaint.
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The accidents claim more lives than murders in A.P. State. As could be seen from the statistics, it is observed that, most of the accidents are occurring due to the drunken nature of the drivers.
To contain this and to make the roads safe to travel, the Vijayawada City Police took initiatives to conduct drunken drive daily.
Many number of cases have been registered against the motorists who are driving their vehicles in an inebriated state. These drunken drivers are clamped with three days jail by the Judicial authority observing that under the influence of alcohol, they will cause fatal accidents and cause deaths.
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Andhra Loyola College students who took up a social campaign called Tra “Well” to create awareness about the traffic rules in the public and more so in the student community organized various shows in the City in co-ordination with the Vijayawada Traffic Police.

The programmes attracted public and students to the streets.


3k Run to create traffic awareness:

On 25.09.2016, the Vijayawada City Police organized 3K Run in association with Loyola College students from Indira Gandhi Municipal Stadium to Loyola College, to create awareness on traffic rules in the public.

       Speaking on the occasion, the Commissioner of Police, Vijayawada City said that, the next generation is so upbeat and aspiring for greater achievements.  With the City evolving itself as the capital of the state, youth should take up the challenge of transforming the society.  He urged the youth to spread the word about importance of road safety and educate the society on traffic rules.

3 K Run