New Initiatives

Police Control Room (PCR) - Calls landing at Vijayawada

The calls made by the general public to Dial 100 used to land at D.G Control, Hyderabad and the response time to the said calls was  high and not measured accurately. In order to overcome the above difficulty, all the calls emanating from Vijayawada City Police Commissionerate are made to land in Capital City Control Centre (Police Control Room), Vijayawada City. Accordingly, system was modified and now the calls made by general public from Vijayawada City are landed in Police Control Room, Vijayawada.

           PCR being the only institution having knowledge of location of all Police Mobiles, Rakshaks and Blue Colts, it is appropriately placed to receive Dial 100 calls.

           All calls and response of mobile are voice recorded and time stamped. Due to close monitoring, call response time has dropped drastically from the earlier level of 30-40 minutes to just under 7 minutes flat. As a result, call volume has increased from the earlier level of 40-50 per day to 120 per day now which is indicative of increasing public trust in the system.

Several lives were saved due to this arrangements. The response time is in keeping with International Standards and is a tad better than the average clocked by NYPD and LAPD which is around 9 minutes.