New Initiatives


Sri R.P.Thakur, IPS, Director General of Police, Andhra Pradesh launched Cheruva (reaching closer to people) programme – a platform for public  engagement in policing in Vijaywada City on 31-08-2018.  He said law and order is most crucial and play an important role in development of society and ownership should be taken by both police and public to maintain law and order by organising series of debates.

Cheruva is a platform for public engagement in policing Sunrise state AP. Public debates on policing issues will be organised periodically across the state. People from all walks of life can participate in these debates and offer valuable ideas and suggestions. People can advise police on specific local issues for more effective policing. With this programme, police will be able to understand the impact of their measures. A safe climate can be created to achieve higher happiness levels and better liveable conditions in the state.

The Cheruva programme likely to help in reduction of crime rate especially among vulnerable weaker sections, streamlining of road traffic and reduction in accidents and deaths.

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The City police visit different colonies and public places with Cheruva vehicle and create awareness among people on different types of crime, preventive measures to be taken by the people and services rendered by the police department. The police teams will educate people on cybercrime, house breakings, road safety measures, traffic rules, accidents, eve- teasing, chain snatchings and services of police departments like Mahila Mitra, Vruddha Mitra, Bala Mitra and interceptor vehicles.

A first-of-its-kind initiative ‘Cheruva’ is not only to hear the public voice but also to take their suggestions for better policing. The specially designed vehicle for Cheruva is going out to the public in every division of the city and villages in the district. The SHOs and CIs concerned are given the responsibility to conduct awareness sessions for people of the city and explain what the police are doing for them.