How do I report a Crime?

How do I report a Crime?

You can lodge a complaint in person either orally or in writing
at your jurisdictional Police Station. (In case of registration of a case, a written complaint along with the signature is necessary as per law.)

Where can you get the jurisdictional Police Station Details ?
Know your police station link here:
How can I inform about a crime to police?
Dial 100 is the easiest and quickest way to draw police attention to a crime. It works 24×7.

People can report a criminal case also at the local police station. They can also report to Patrol Mobile Officers who will be moving throughout the day and night in the community.
Personally, they can report at the reception counter of the nearest police station.
In case of an accident report, the individual can communicate through phone. Individuals need not visit either police stations or courts for giving evidence, if they choose to not to.

Till today, as and when any citizen wanted to report an accident case or any information related to that, they were in fear of trouble because they had to visit both the police station and the court for giving evidence. This caused a lot of inconvenience to the individual and due to this, many of them avoided coming forward to report.

In case of accident report, the individual can communicate through phone either to Call Centre (at Dial 100) or to the nearest police station.

The individual need not be cited as a witness at the same time, not to create any inconvenience to the citizens.
Any crime reported by the citizens will get an acknowledgement from the respective police stations. From there, the concerned officers will take up the issue and solve it as early as possible. These police stations are transparent enough to communicate the progress of investigation to the complainants / victims from time to time .

In case of vulnerable issues related to women and children, the police themselves will visit the place and find out the reasons and take up the issues and resolve, instead of calling them to the police stations.

People can also report their cases or issues through 4th Lion mobile application.