New Initiatives

Reception Centres

     To record all grievances without any interference from P.S. staff Reception Centers, working directly under the control of the Unit Officer was established in each and every P.S. The Reception Centers were computerized from 8-10-2014 in all the police stations of Vijayawada, Police Commissionerate. Graduate and computer knowing Home Guards are allotted to attend the reception counter duties round the clock in three shifts. In this system every petition received from the complainant will be entered into the system and the same is intimated to all the officers and the petitioner through SMS.

     The best part of the system is – as soon as a visitor enters a police station, the reception counter personnel collects details in brief from him/her and enters them in the computer. Immediately an SMS will be generated and sent to the SHO, ACP, DCP and CP informing basic details of complaint. An SMS is also sent to the complainant’s mobile for his/her record and future reference. In addition to generating SMS, a receipt is generated and it is given to the petitioner who will take it into the PS and hand over the same to the Incharge of the PS. Later it is the responsibility of the PS staff to take necessary action and it is a time bound issue. After establishing above system, there is an improvement in redressing the grievances of the petitioners approaching the P.S. There are no more complaints from the public that no one bothered to talk to them when they went to the PS. In addition, the SHO is fully in the know of what is happening in his station even while he is away on duty or on rest or leave. Since there is paper trail and record, every grievance is redressed in the earliest possible time. As a result, minor issues are prevented from flaring up into cognizable crime.