Locked House Monitoring System

Locked House Monitoring System

The Vijayawada City police launched app-based Locked House Monitoring System (LHMS) to avoid house breakings. Locked House Monitoring System was nothing but placing of secret cameras on intimation by residents who are going on vacation. The Locked House Monitoring System comprises camera, which takes picture of thieves entering the house, and send it to phone of house-owner as well as the police. Within minutes of receiving the picture, the police swing into action and arrest the intruders.

The city police are introducing the system in North and East divisions with 100 cameras. Slowly, the Locked House Monitoring System would cover other divisions also. The residents should download the app named LHMS and register their details such as name, phone number and location.

The residents have to register themselves from their house only so that the cops can identify the location. There is no need to talk to anybody and the registration finishes within minutes. It provides a username also for each registration.

The residents leaving their home for a few days should inform the police through the app only. No need to go to any police station.

Within 24 hours of request, the police approach the house and fix a camera. They have to furnish the details of their absence and request for police watch for the specific period. The camera, which is connected to app, clicks any intruder in the absence of owner of the locked house. The service is free. Anybody can avail the facility by downloading the app.