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Articles of Interest


The prime job of the police is that to prevent and to detect the crime. In the present days the crime rate has gone up enormously. The job of the police is very complex in the field of detection and prevention. In olden days, as per crime records, the rate of crime was very low when compared to the modern days. In the prevailing days, the crime rate is very complex; it can not be estimated all the times as who will do, what offense. As such, the police have to observe with an Eagle Eye to prevent both bodily and property offenses.

Suspecting crime

  • Follow your instincts.
  • Observe the abnormality.
  • Note sudden changes in behavior.
  • Use your experience.
  • Share with friends.
  • Never hesitate to tell police.
  • Never worry about the outcome. You have done your duty.

  • Persons unusually changing mobile numbers, cell phone instruments, buying
    multiple SIM cards very frequently. Keep a watch over them.
  • People holding several credit cards/debit cards beyond their actual means of income may be getting money
    from illegal sources
  • Customer bargains for his “company” to purchase some expensive electronic goods in your shop and comes after a couple of days with a demand draft. Please verify with the bank and then release the goods.
  • Some enter your shop at the moment you are about to close, buy expensive stuff without bargaining and present a credit/debit card. Verify thoroughly.
  • Money is always debited from your account without your knowledge only after you visit a particular shop or restaurant or petrol pump. Someone is stealing the data of your cards there.
  • Persons offering expensive things at throwaway prices and ask you to pay in cash right away. They could have stolen them or bought them with stolen credit cards.
  • Person who claims that he is close to well-known figures in the town and calls them right before you on his mobile phone just to impress you and ask for favours. Be ware of such “influential” persons.
  • Persons who claim that they are famous religious gurus, show their paper clippings and contacts to impress you. Beware! They could be conmen.
  • People who mesmerize you with their command on religious scriptures and prayers, visit your home frequently and exploit your weaknesses could be tricksters

  • People (could be of any gender) visit your home specially when you are alone with pressure cooker type of containers in the name of gold and silver polishing could be a gang of cheaters.
  • Persons claiming to be representatives of utilities (gas, phone, water, electric, cable) but who are not in uniform or have no company identification may be burglars or robbers.
  • Someone following you closely everyday and when you look back avoids eye contact may be planning an offence.
  • Someone visiting your neighbor’s home in their absence could be burglar.

  • Prospective Groom who is in hurry, bypassing all the queries about his passport, studies, nature of job, and other crucial details may have “other” plans. Probe further.
  • Your partner or friend is presenting expensive gifts beyond his /her means. They could be stolen ones or bought with crime (corruption is also a crime) proceeds. Say firm NO!
  • Stranger company offers you a good job over net, contacts on phone, interviews you in a hotel and demands a security deposit or advance fee right away. Say NO to such offers.

  • Screaming or shouting in the neighbour’s house could be domestic violence, robbery or rape.
  • The sound of breaking glass or other loud, explosive noises could mean an accident, break-in, or vandalism.
  • Unusual barking of dogs generally suggests foul play, danger, disturbance of the peace, or criminal activity. Please verify.
  • Children or your partner coming home late quite often without any valid reason and retire into their rooms without talking to you. Something is wrong. Keep a watch and talk to them.
  • If some students form into a gang, bully other students, have fancy number plates for their bikes, lag behind in the studies may indulge in crime. Inform their parents and counsel them.
  • You are losing valuables on a regular basis from your home. It could be the handiwork of one of the inmates or domestic help.
  • Friends of your domestic help are regularly visiting him/her at your home. If you are a senior citizen or you have grown up daughters, you must be watchful.
  • Your estranged friend(s) suddenly invite you for a compromise party at an unusual place like an apartment, outskirts etc. take it with pinch of salt.

  • Vehicles without number plates, only front number plate, fancy number plates, abandoned for a long time could be crime vehicles. Follow them and inform police.
  • Anyone speeding on his bike without number with two pillion riders (triple riding) in the lanes could have committed the crime.
  • Persons pushing the vehicles in the midnight on the deserted roads and colonies could be automobile lifters. Please verify.
  • Any vehicle with dark sun film and loud music at night, cruising slowly, or following a route that seems aimless or repetitive is suspicious in any location, but particularly so in dark areas, premises of schools, parks, and playgrounds. Note its number and inform police.
  • A small group of youngsters accompany you to see your lay-out or hire your vehicle to visit a place. Keep a watch over them through central rear view mirror before you leave the busy areas of the city. They may be planning to steal your vehicle.

Many fraudsters perfected the art of playing with your Greed. See how..

  • Only a fraudster can offer you 100% returns to your deposits in a short time.
  • An unknown company or person mails you that you have won a lottery worth millions of rupees/dollars and asks you to transfer some advance fee to their account to clear the money from customs. Never believe such mails. Just delete them! (Learn more about Internet Frauds)
  • Chit fund owner giving you bumper dividends regularly and shifting his family members quietly to an unknown location. Time to smell the rat.
  • Some banking executive promises that he will get you a bank loan though you are not eligible , will definitely use fake documents and make you involve in a crime.
  • Someone whom you met over net offering you air tickets at only half rate and takes payment later. He could be a part of stolen credit card cartel.
  • Someone tells you in a bank that your notes have fallen on the floor. You must suspect a crime.
  • Someone bangs on your vehicle only to tell you that rear tyres are deflated or there is a scratch on the vehicle, especially near bank or in busy traffic, there could be some mischief.

  • Unusual lull in any busy area could be deceptive. Always have your antennae up.
  • Vehicle parked there for a longer time unattended. This could be used for suspicious activity.
  • Individuals sitting in a parked car for an extended period of time
  • Individuals who order food at a restaurant and leave before the food arrives or who order without eating
  • Anyone leaves his bags, brief case, lunch/Tiffin box on the vehicle and doesn’t turn up, it could be a terror object.
  • Surfing net late in the night, chatting with the “friends” privately could be a suspicious activity. Keep track on the websites the person visiting.
  • Multiple sightings of the same suspicious person, vehicle, or activity, separated by time, distance, or direction
  • Tenants do not come out of their homes/rooms generally and don’t allow anyone to enter their homes. Something is wrong there.
  • Joggers who stand and stretch for an inordinate amount of time
  • Someone leaving bus or train or cinema hall abruptly leaving his bag behind could be a terror suspect.
  • Someone in improper attire like wearing winter clothing in summers, bulky clothing with hands in the pockets, sweating profusely and in a hurry could be suspicious.
  • Someone who doesn’t get into a bus or train even after several buses pass by could be watching something for some crime.
  • Anyone with ultra extreme beliefs disappears from your locality suddenly and doesn’t surface for a long time; he could be planning something dangerous.
  • Anyone who is calm, pleasant, well educated, looks detached and holds ultra radical religious beliefs, moves in a closed group and shows intolerance to those who do not agree with him/her could be a terror suspect in making.

Be a friend to your daughter


Be a crime buster

  • You might be coming across a lot of activity what you consider as a crime in your locality.
  • As a dutiful Indian you can’t tolerate this anymore.
  • You decide to inform police but you do not know how and to whom.
  • Here we teach you how to become a Crime Buster Yourself
  • Information is vital for the success of any police operation against the criminals. We consider passing information to the police is one of the most sacred duties of a citizen.
  • At the same time, we regard the safety of the Crime Buster to be more than that of ours.
  • We give handsome rewards to the law abiding citizens who give us information about ongoing crime or any major racket if it turns out to be true.

What can you inform ?

  • About the persons who are amassing property disproportionate to their legal sources of income
  • About organized crimes like fake documents, human trafficking, illegal organ transplantation rackets, sex rackets, drug peddling, explosives, possession or exhibition or use of deadly weapons like knives, daggers, hunting sickles and fire arms and credit cards scams, etc
  • Adulteration of foods, medicines, seeds, fertilizers and fuels, scams in weights and measures etc.
  • Major financial frauds like bank frauds, chit fund frauds, multilevel marketing or money circulation schemes, tax evasion etc
  • Stolen gold ornaments, vehicles, mobiles, laptop rackets etc.
  • Job Offer frauds, visa frauds.
  • Terrorist activity like collection of explosives, doubtful tenants, suspicious persons etc
  • Counterfeit (fake) Currency
  • Any murder plots or extortion and kidnapping gangs
  • Illegal activities of Rowdy Sheeters viz., extortions, land grabbings, eve teasing, collection of Rowdy mamools and intimidating the people.
  • Information about illegal Immigrants like Bangladeshis, Pakistanis etc.

How to inform?

As emphasized earlier, information is vital to control crime in the city. But it is equally important that the citizens take all precautions while passing such vital information. Let’s examine those precautions now


  • Try to gather as much information as possible without getting exposed. You can use a lot of covers to accomplish this like their member, customer, marketing executives etc depending on the situation.
  • Generally police require information about the identity of the suspect, his habits, contact numbers, associates, hideouts, vehicles, movements, weaknesses etc

Always have a cover story ready for your actions

  • Identify the policemen in your locality who are capable of handling such information. Make some clandestine enquiries. Search for those who are efficient, composed, do not boast, ask you to meet him in his office
  • Call such policeman and give him some information about a sample case without revealing your identity and watch how he/she responds. If there is no proper response meet his higher ups secretly under some cover and brief them. >Contact Us
  • Once you get confidence then try to meet him at a safe place alone where your identity is not exposed and also request the police officer(s) to turn up without getting exposed after taking all precautions.
  • Always use a Code name/ pseudo name when you talk to Police officer.
  • Use public telephone booths till you get full confidence on the policemen who are handling the information.
  • Try to memorize the numbers of the police officers instead of having them in contacts list of your cell phone.
  • Program your cell phone in such a way that when you call your number is not displayed in the recipient’s phone.
  • Always delete details in call register/log after you called the policemen.
  • You can also create an email ID exclusively for this and give information from a cyber café without revealing your identity.
  • Always use a trustworthy back up in case of your absence
  • Spell out clearly what you expect out of passing this information to the police
  • If you do not get the suitable reward you have a right to complain to his superior officers about this


  • Secrecy is the most important aspect in informing Police
  • Never brag (indulge in loose talk) about your information to Police.
  • Always avoid talking about Police when you are in a drinks party. You might slip out vital info that might put you in risk.
  • Never befriend with someone who might wittingly or unwittingly expose your dutiful act.
  • Never boast about your relationship with the Police publicly or privately and never promise others that you will get their work done through the Police officer you know.
  • Never reveal your relationship with the Police officer even to other Policemen unless you are forced to.
  • Being informant is not an occupation; hence never introduce yourself as an Informant.
  • Never talk to Policemen publicly about your information.
  • Never reveal your Code name and your actions even to your close relatives and friends.
  • If a police officer is reckless in handling, call off your relationship with him and complain to his superiors.
  • Never give false information to police to take revenge on those with whom you have differences.
  • Never try to cheat police when you meet them. Always remember, Police are trained to test information which they develop.
  • Never abuse your relationship with the police and indulge in crime yourself for a gain.
  • If you come across someone who has successfully informed about some crime to the Police in your friends circle or your locality, just ignore him. Do not unnecessarily talk about it. Be proud of him.
  • It’s always exciting to get publicly acknowledged, but strictly avoid publicity to the brave act you have done.
  • Never show off with your reward. That might expose you.